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Wholesales Bird's Nest

[Wholesale] Sarawak Hand-picked Cave Bird's Nest Cupshape 【批发】砂拉越纯手工洞燕盏

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[Wholesale] Sarawak Hand-picked Cave Bird's Nest Cupshape 【批发】砂拉越纯手工洞燕盏 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Your Premier Source for Wholesale Sarawak Bird's Nest

We are a company specializing in the wholesale of Sarawak bird's nest, with extensive industry experience and deep local resources. Sarawak bird's nest is produced in the eastern Malaysian state of Sarawak, where unique geographical and climatic conditions give rise to superior quality bird's nest. Due to its scarcity, accounting for only about 10% of global bird's nest production, Sarawak bird's nest is revered as the "crème de la crème" of bird's nests.

  • Sarawak Cave Bird's Nest: Harvested from caves, Sarawak cave bird's nest boasts a delicate texture and rich nutritional value, making it a premium choice.
  • Sarawak House Bird's Nest: Collected from house eaves, Sarawak house swiftlet nests offer a more affordable option while maintaining high quality.

Wholesales price starting from 500 grams, shipping costs are calculated starting from 1KG. We support overseas shipping (Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Australia & so on) and provide transportation protection. Feel free to inquire!


  • 砂拉越洞燕: 砂拉越洞燕以洞穴为巢,口感细腻,营养丰富,是燕窝中的上品。
  • 砂拉越屋燕: 砂拉越屋燕以屋檐为巢,价格相对较低,是性价比高的选择。

砂拉越燕窝批发价从500克起,运输费用是以1公斤起算。支持运输出境(新加波,中国,香港, 澳大利亚和其他国家),和运输保险。欢迎询问!


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