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Snow Fungus 散花雪耳天然无硫 (30g)

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Snow fungus, also known as silver ear fungus, is a common medicinal herb and edible mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine and cuisine. Its scientific name is Tremella fuciformis, a type of fungus that thrives in moist environments, commonly found in Asian regions. Snow fungus has a gelatinous appearance, appearing white and translucent, with a soft and slippery texture.

  • Nourishing Yin and Beautifying Skin: Snow fungus is rich in various vitamins and minerals, with the efficacy of nourishing Yin, moistening the lungs, and hydrating the skin. It is often used for beauty purposes to maintain the softness and elasticity of the skin.
  • Moistening the Lungs and Relieving Cough: Snow fungus is believed to have the effects of clearing heat, moistening the lungs, stopping coughs, and resolving phlegm. It is commonly used to alleviate dry coughs and phlegm in respiratory diseases.
  • Regulating Blood Sugar: Studies have shown that the polysaccharides and plant proteins in snow fungus can help lower blood sugar levels, providing auxiliary regulation for diabetic patients.
  • Boosting Immunity: Snow fungus is rich in various nutrients, such as polysaccharides and amino acids, which help enhance immune system function, increase resistance, and prevent infections and diseases.

Through the above introduction, we should have gained some understanding of the efficacy of snow fungus. However, the use of medicinal herbs still needs to be based on individual constitution and health conditions, and under the guidance of professionals. Only by using medicinal herbs in a scientifically healthy manner can their efficacy be fully realized, bringing better health benefits. EG Brand snow fungus is of high quality and natural, produced without sulfur and under strict production conditions. Order now online to enjoy special discounts and complimentary delivery services throughout Malaysia.

雪耳,又称银耳,是一种常见的中草药,也是一种食用菌,常用于中医药和烹饪中。它的学名为Tremella fuciformis,是一种真菌,主要生长在潮湿的环境中,常见于亚洲地区。雪耳呈现出洁白、透明的胶状外观,质地柔软,口感爽滑。

  • 滋阴养颜:雪耳富含多种维生素和矿物质,具有滋阴润肺、滋润皮肤的功效,常被用于养颜美容,保持皮肤的柔软和弹性。
  • 润肺止咳:雪耳被认为具有清热润肺、止咳化痰的作用,常用于缓解干咳、咳痰等呼吸道疾病。
  • 调节血糖:研究表明,雪耳中的多糖和植物蛋白质有助于降低血糖水平,对糖尿病患者有一定的辅助调节作用。
  • 增强免疫力:雪耳富含多种营养物质,如多糖和多种氨基酸,有助于增强免疫系统功能,提高抵抗力,预防感染和疾病。



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