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Rose Buds 玫瑰花天然花茶 (40g)

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Rose buds are flowers with a rich and fragrant aroma, widely used in cooking, medicinal, and beauty applications. Their petals bloom with beautiful colors and emit a charming fragrance, often used for brewing tea, making floral teas, or as cooking spices, and are also an important component of traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Mood Enhancement: Rose buds have the efficacy of soothing emotions, relieving stress, anxiety, and depression, creating a pleasant mood.
  • Promoting Sleep: The aroma of rose buds can help relax the body and mind, improve sleep quality, aiding in falling asleep and enhancing sleep depth.
  • Beauty and Skincare: Rose buds contain rich vitamin C and antioxidants, which can combat aging, whiten the skin, promote blood circulation, and make the skin smoother and more delicate.
  • Digestive Comfort: Rose buds can help alleviate indigestion, stomach discomfort, and gastroesophageal reflux, relieving stomach discomfort.

Through the above introduction, we should have gained some understanding of the efficacy of medicinal herbs. However, the use of medicinal herbs still needs to be based on individual constitution and health conditions, and under the guidance of professionals. Only by using medicinal herbs in a scientifically healthy manner can their efficacy be fully realized, bringing better health benefits. EG Brand Rose Buds are of high quality and natural, produced without sulfur and under strict production conditions. Order now online to enjoy special discounts and complimentary delivery services throughout Malaysia.


  • 舒缓情绪:玫瑰花具有舒缓情绪的功效,能够缓解压力、焦虑和抑郁情绪,让人心情愉悦。
  • 促进睡眠:玫瑰花的香气能够帮助放松身心,改善睡眠质量,有助于入眠和提高睡眠深度。
  • 美容养颜:玫瑰花含有丰富的维生素C和抗氧化物质,能够抗衰老、美白肌肤,促进血液循环,使肌肤更加细腻光滑。
  • 舒缓消化:玫瑰花有助于舒缓消化不良、胃部不适和胃食管反流等消化系统问题,缓解胃部不适感。



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