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  • F008 薰衣草玫瑰

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Lavender Rose Flower Tea 薰衣草玫瑰花茶 【宁心玫丽花茶】(12's)

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Lavender Rose Flower Tea 薰衣草玫瑰花茶 【宁心玫丽花茶】(12's) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

EG brand Lavender Rose Flower Tea [Calm & Bloom Flower Tea] preserved in vacuum technology to effectively the quality of scented teas, sulphur-free, durable and free from insects, fresh, smooth, and aromatic. Suitable for daily drinking, high-quality natural, sulphur-free, and strictly controlled production environment. Grab the offer online now and enjoy free shipping to whole Malaysia.

🍵 Instructions for use: Pour in hot water and drink after 8 minutes.

✅ Effect: Soothe nerves, calm the mind, treat insomnia and cough, beautify and skin care, have disinfection and antibacterial capabilities

✅ Ingredients:

  • Lavender - Relieving anxiety and stress, Improving sleep quality, Relieving headaches and migraines, Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, Elevating mood and emotions
  • Rose Buds - Mood Enhancement, Promoting Sleep, Beauty and Skincare, Digestive Comfort

⚠️ We should already have an understanding of the benefits of herbal flower tea. While the effects of flower tea may vary slightly due to different blends and individual differences, it is generally advisable to consume it in moderation, tailored to individual needs, and in a manner consistent with health science principles.

⚠️ This product contains no added preservatives, so please be mindful of moisture and mold prevention and store it in the refrigerator. Once the vacuum bag is opened, please consume the product within 12 hours to ensure its quality and freshness.

如鹰牌薰衣草玫瑰花茶【宁心玫丽花茶】采用真空技术有效保存花茶品质,无硫磺,耐久不生虫,花香四溢,滋补养身。适用于日常饮用, 高品质天然, 无硫磺和制作环境严格把关。立即在线获取优惠与及享受全马免费送货服务。

🍵 使用方式: 倒入热水8分钟即可饮用。

✅ 功效: 舒缓神经, 镇定心神, 治疗失眠和咳嗽, 美容护肤, 具有消毒抗菌能力

✅ 材料:

  • 薰衣草 - 缓解焦虑和压力, 改善睡眠质量, 缓解头痛和偏头痛, 抗炎和抗菌, 提升心情和情绪
  • 玫瑰花 - 舒缓情绪, 促进睡眠, 美容养颜, 舒缓消化

⚠️ 我们已经了解到养生花茶的诸多益处。虽然花茶的功效可能因配比和个体差异而略有不同,但总体而言,其效果因人而异。因此,在享用时请适量饮用,并遵循健康科学的原则。

⚠️ 此款产品不含任何防腐剂,因此请务必注意防潮和防霉,并妥善存放于冰箱中。开启真空袋后,请务必在12小时内使用,以确保产品的品质和新鲜度。


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