• F007  薰衣草菊花
  • F007  薰衣草菊花

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Lavender Chrysanthemum Flower Tea 薰衣草菊花花茶 【宁神清心花茶】(12's)

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Lavender Chrysanthemum Flower Tea 薰衣草菊花花茶 【宁神清心花茶】(12's) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Eagle's brand Lavender Chrysanthemum Flower Tea [Calm & Clear Flower Tea] preserved in vacuum technology to effectively the quality of scented teas, sulphur-free, durable and free from insects, fresh, smooth, and aromatic. Suitable for daily drinking, high-quality natural, sulphur-free, and strictly controlled production environment. Grab the offer online now and enjoy free shipping to whole Malaysia.

🍵 Instructions for use: Pour in hot water and drink after 8 minutes.

✅ Effect: Improve headaches, soothe nerves, clear liver and reduce fire, beautify and skin care, have disinfection and antibacterial capabilities

✅ Ingredients:

  • Lavender - Relieving anxiety and stress, Improving sleep quality, Relieving headaches and migraines, Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, Elevating mood and emotions
  • Chrysanthemum Buds - Detoxification and Heat-clearing, Lung Moisturizing and Cough Relief, Refreshing and Brain-stimulating, Sleep Improvement

⚠️ This product has no added preservatives, please pay attention to moisture and mildew, keep refrigerated. Please use within 12 hours after opening the vacuum beg.

如鹰牌薰衣草菊花花茶【宁神清心花茶】采用真空技术有效保存花茶品质,无硫磺,耐久不生虫,花香四溢,滋补养身。适用于日常饮用, 高品质天然, 无硫磺和制作环境严格把关。立即在线获取优惠与及享受全马免费送货服务。

🍵 使用方式: 倒入热水8分钟即可饮用。

✅ 功效: 改善头疼, 舒缓神经, 清肝降火, 美容护肤, 具有消毒抗菌能力

✅ 材料:

  • 薰衣草 - 缓解焦虑和压力, 改善睡眠质量, 缓解头痛和偏头痛, 抗炎和抗菌, 提升心情和情绪
  • 胎菊 - 清热解毒, 润肺止咳, 提神醒脑, 促进睡眠

⚠️ 此产品无添加防腐剂, 清注意防潮及发霉, 需要放进冰箱。开封真空袋后请在12小时内使用。


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