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Dried Longan 龙眼干天然无硫 (80g)

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Dried longan, also known as longan fruit or longan aril, is a type of Chinese medicinal herb and food ingredient with a long history. It is typically made by drying the longan fruit, and it holds significant importance in both traditional Chinese medicine and culinary practices.

  • Tonifying Qi and Nourishing Blood: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dried longan can tonify qi and nourish blood, helping regulate the body's energy and blood circulation, enhance vitality, and alleviate symptoms of anemia.
  • Calming the Mind and Settling the Spirit: Dried longan contains rich sources of vitamin B, collagen, and zinc, which can help alleviate anxiety, insomnia, and other nervous system issues, promoting a calm mind and settled spirit.
  • Moisturizing and Beautifying the Skin: Dried longan is rich in polysaccharides and antioxidants, which can moisturize the skin, delay skin aging, and maintain healthy and youthful skin.
  • Enhancing Immunity: The various nutrients in dried longan contribute to enhancing immunity, boosting the body's resistance, and preventing colds and other illnesses.

Through the above introduction, we should have a certain understanding of the efficacy of Chinese medicinal herbs. However, the use of Chinese medicinal herbs still needs to be selected according to individual physique and health conditions, and under the guidance of professionals. Only by using Chinese medicinal herbs under the premise of health science can their efficacy be fully exerted, bringing better health effects. EG Brand dried longan is of high quality and natural, produced without sulfur and under strict production conditions. Order now online to enjoy special discounts and complimentary delivery services throughout Malaysia.


  • 益气补血:龙眼干被传统中医认为具有益气补血的功效,有助于调节人体气血,增强体力,改善贫血等症状。
  • 安神定志:龙眼干含有丰富的维生素B、胶原蛋白和锌等,有助于缓解焦虑、失眠等神经系统问题,具有安神定志的作用。
  • 滋阴养颜:龙眼干中含有丰富的多糖类物质和抗氧化剂,能够滋润肌肤,延缓皮肤衰老,有助于保持肌肤健康和年轻。
  • 增强免疫:龙眼干中的多种营养成分有助于增强免疫力,提高身体的抵抗力,预防感冒和其他疾病。



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