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Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup Packed 清补鸡汤料包 (4~6 pax)

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Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup Packed 清补鸡汤料包 (4~6 pax) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

EG brand Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup has a lot of good effects of invigorating the spleen and replenishing Qi, while clearing away heat and nourishing the lungs, Family soup is suitable for all ages. Suitable for daily cooking, high-quality natural, sulfur-free, and strictly controlled production environment. Grab the offer online now and enjoy free shipping to whole Malaysia.

✅ Effect: Strengthen the spleen & stomach, Nourish the spleen & stomach, improve immunity

✅ Ingredients: American Ginseng Whiskers, Polygonatum, Red Dates, Astragalus Root, Wolfberries, Ligusticum, Chinese Yam 

⚠️ This product has no added preservatives, please pay attention to moisture and mildew, keep refrigerated. Please use it within 12 hours after opening the vacuum beg.

Preparation (Serves 4 to 6 persons): 
 • EG's Soup Packed (Included 1 pack Ingredients, 1 sachet red dates & 1 sachet wolfberries)
 • 500g chicken
 • 2000ml of water
 • A bit salt & M.S.G.

Cooking Instruction:
 1) Open & Wash Ingredients, then put into filter bag.
 2) After the water boils, add the ingredients packed, red dates & chicken.
 3) Cook over high heat for 15 minutes, add wolfberries & seasonings, after stir and enjoy.
 (May choose stew method, stewing for 3 hours will make it more delicious, add wolfberries & seasonings, after stir and enjoy)

如鹰牌清补鸡汤拥有很好的健脾益气的功效, 同时清热润肺, 家庭汤水, 老幼咸宜。适用于日常烹饪, 高品质天然中药, 无硫磺和制作环境严格把关。立即在线获取优惠与及享受全马免费送货服务。

✅ 功效: 健脾健胃, 提高免疫力, 提神补气, 滋润养颜

✅ 材料: 洋参须, 玉竹, 红枣, 北芪片, 枸杞, 川芎, 淮山

⚠️ 此产品无添加防腐剂, 清注意防潮及发霉, 需要放进冰箱。开封真空袋后请在12小时内使用。

用料 (可供4至6人食用):
 • 如鹰牌汤包 (包含1包汤包配料, 1小包红枣与1小包枸杞)
 • 500克鸡肉
 • 2000毫升清水
 • 盐与味精少许

 1) 打开及清洗配料, 然后放进煲汤袋
 2) 水烧开后, 加入汤包配料, 红枣和鸡肉
 3) 大火煮15分钟, 加入枸杞和调味料, 搅拌后即可享用
 (可选择用炖的方式, 炖3个小时会更入味, 之后再加枸杞和调味料, 即可享用)


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