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Bird's Nest Soup Packed (American Ginseng) 燕窝炖料包 (泡参)

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Bird's Nest Soup Packed (American Ginseng) 燕窝炖料包 (泡参) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Bird's nest is a precious natural nutritional food, known as the "King of Tonics", with various health benefits. EG Brand Bird’s Nest Soup Packed is suitable for daily cooking, high-quality natural, sulfur-free, and strictly controlled production environment. Grab the offer online now and enjoy free shipping to whole Malaysia.

✅ Bird’s Nest Effect: Boosting immunity, Promoting metabolism, Moisturizing the skin, Improving digestion, Strengthening bone health, Promoting sleep

✅ Ingredients: Dried Bird's Nest, American Ginseng, Honey Rock Sugar

⚠️ This product has no added preservatives, please pay attention to moisture and mildew, keep refrigerated. Please use it within 12 hours after opening the vacuum beg.

Preparation (Serves 2 to 4 persons): 
 • EG Bird’s Nest Soup Packed
 • 800ml of water

Cooking Instruction:
 1) Soak bird's nest in water for 30 minutes
 2) Fill 800ml of boiling water into the pot
 3) Put in bird's nest, ingredients & honey rock sugar
 4) Stew for 30-45 minutes and enjoy it

燕窝是一种珍贵的天然营养食品,被誉为“补品之王”,具有多种健康功效。如鹰牌燕窝炖包适用于日常烹饪, 高品质天然, 无硫磺和制作环境严格把关。立即在线获取优惠与及享受全马免费送货服务。

✅ 燕窝功效: 提高免疫力, 促进新陈代谢, 滋润肌肤, 促进消化, 增强骨骼健康, 促进睡眠

✅ 炖包材料: 干燕窝, 泡参, 石蜂糖

⚠️ 此产品无添加防腐剂, 清注意防潮及发霉, 需要放进冰箱。开封真空袋后请在12小时内使用。

⚠️ 需要注意的是,燕窝虽然营养丰富,但并非适合所有人群,尤其是对于对燕窝过敏或者有特殊健康状况的人群,建议在食用前咨询医生或专业营养师的建议。

用料 (可供2至4人食用):
 • 如鹰牌燕窝炖包
 • 800毫升清水

 1) 燕窝浸泡水30分钟
 2) 800ml的烧水放入炖锅
 3) 加入燕窝,材料,石峰糖
 4) 炖30-45分钟即可享用


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