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American Ginseng Chicken Soup Packed 花旗参鸡汤料包 (4~6 pax)

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American Ginseng Chicken Soup Packed 花旗参鸡汤料包 (4~6 pax) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

EG brand American Ginseng Chicken Soup can strengthen the body's immunity and improve blood vessel function. Increase antioxidant and anti-aging effects, it can also improve memory loss. American ginseng also has the effect of nourishing yin and tonifying kidneys. Suitable for daily cooking, high-quality natural, sulfur-free, and strictly controlled production environment. Grab the offer online now and enjoy free shipping to whole Malaysia.

✅ Effect: Relieving vomiting, Desolving phlegm and relieving cough, Dispelling cold and relieving external appearance, Clearing body heat

✅ Ingredients: American Ginseng Whiskers, Chinese Yam, Red Dates, Polygonatum, Wolfberries, Licorice, Ligusticum

⚠️ This product has no added preservatives, please pay attention to moisture and mildew, keep refrigerated. Please use it within 12 hours after opening the vacuum beg.

Preparation (Serves 4 to 6 persons): 
 • EG’s Soup Packed (Included 1 pack Ingredients, 1 sachet red dates & 1 sachet wolfberries)
 • 500g chicken
 • 2000ml of water
 • A bit salt & M.S.G.

Cooking Instruction:
 1) Open & Wash Ingredients, then put into filter bag.
 2) After the water boils, add the ingredients packed, red dates & chicken.
 3) Cook over high heat for 15 minutes, add wolfberries & seasonings, after stir and enjoy.
 (May choose stew method, stewing for 3 hours will make it more delicious, add wolfberries & seasonings, after stir and enjoy)

如鹰牌花旗参鸡汤可以加强人体的免疫力改善血管功能。增加抗氧化和抗衰老效果, 也可以改善记忆力衰退, 花旗参还有滋阴补肾的功效。适用于日常烹饪, 高品质天然中药, 无硫磺和制作环境严格把关。立即在线获取优惠与及享受全马免费送货服务。

✅ 功效: 降逆止呕、化痰止咳、散寒解表、清热泻火

✅ 材料: 花旗参须, 淮山, 红枣, 玉竹, 枸杞, 甘草, 川芎

⚠️ 此产品无添加防腐剂, 清注意防潮及发霉, 需要放进冰箱。开封真空袋后请在12小时内使用。

用料 (可供4至6人食用):
 • 如鹰牌汤包 (包含1包汤包配料, 1小包红枣与1小包枸杞)
 • 500克鸡肉
 • 2000毫升清水
 • 盐与味精少许

 1) 打开及清洗配料, 然后放进煲汤袋
 2) 水烧开后, 加入汤包配料, 红枣和鸡肉
 3) 大火煮15分钟, 加入枸杞和调味料, 搅拌后即可享用
 (可选择用炖的方式, 炖3个小时会更入味, 之后再加枸杞和调味料, 即可享用)


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