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Snow Lotus Seeds 雪莲子皂角米 (100g)

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Snow Lotus Seeds, also known as Xuelian Guo or Xuelian Cha Zi, are precious medicinal herbs mainly found in high-altitude regions such as Tibet and Qinghai in China. Resembling grapes in appearance, Snow Lotus Seeds are white or pale yellow and have a soft texture, earning them the nickname "Pearls of the Plateau" and possessing abundant medicinal value.

  • Nourishing Yin and Moistening Dryness: Snow Lotus Seeds have a cool nature and sweet taste, with the efficacy of nourishing Yin, moistening the lungs, and generating fluids, suitable for treating symptoms such as dry cough with little phlegm, dry mouth, and throat.
  • Tonifying the Kidneys and Enhancing Essence: Rich in nutrients, Snow Lotus Seeds have the effects of tonifying Qi, nourishing the kidneys, enriching the blood, invigorating the spleen, and stopping diarrhea, suitable for people with kidney deficiency constitution.
  • Antioxidant: Snow Lotus Seeds contain various antioxidants that can eliminate free radicals in the body, delay aging, and maintain healthy and radiant skin.
  • Regulating Blood Sugar: Studies have shown that Snow Lotus Seeds have a hypoglycemic effect, assisting in regulating blood sugar levels, and helping prevent and control diabetes.

Through the above introduction, we should have gained some understanding of the efficacy of medicinal herbs. However, the use of medicinal herbs still needs to be based on individual constitution and health conditions, and under the guidance of professionals. Only by using medicinal herbs in a scientifically healthy manner can their efficacy be fully realized, bringing better health benefits. EG Brand Snow Lotus Seeds are of high quality and natural, produced without sulfur and under strict production conditions. Order now online to enjoy special discounts and complimentary delivery services throughout Malaysia.


  • 滋阴润燥:雪莲子性凉味甘,有滋阴润肺、清热生津的功效,适合治疗干咳少痰、口干舌燥等症状。
  • 补肾益精:雪莲子含有丰富的营养成分,有益气补肾、滋阴养血、健脾止泻的功效,适用于肾虚体质的人群。
  • 抗氧化:雪莲子中含有多种抗氧化物质,能够清除体内自由基,延缓衰老,保持皮肤的健康与光泽。
  • 调节血糖:研究表明,雪莲子具有降血糖作用,可辅助调节血糖水平,有助于预防和控制糖尿病。



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