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American Ginseng Whiskers 洋参须天然无硫 (30g)

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American Ginseng Whiskers refer to the root whiskers of American Ginseng, a precious medicinal herb widely used in traditional Chinese medicine.

American Ginseng Whiskers are believed to have the following benefits:

  • Boosts Immunity: Rich in compounds like ginsenosides, American Ginseng Whiskers can enhance the function of the body's immune system, improve resistance, and prevent diseases.
  • Tonifies Qi and Blood: American Ginseng Whiskers nourish Qi and blood, moisturize Yin, and have a balancing effect on the body's Yin-Yang, improving overall health.
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health: American Ginseng Whiskers contain various trace elements and vitamins that protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, helping to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • Increases Energy: American Ginseng Whiskers replenish energy and improve physical strength, helping to relieve fatigue and boost vitality.

Through the above introduction, we should have gained some understanding of the efficacy of medicinal herbs. However, the use of medicinal herbs still needs to be selected according to individual constitution and health conditions, and under the guidance of professionals. Only by using medicinal herbs under the premise of health science can their efficacy be fully exerted, bringing better health effects. EG Brand American Ginseng Whiskers is a high-quality natural product, produced without sulfur and under strict quality control. Order now online to enjoy special discounts and complimentary delivery services throughout Malaysia.



  • 提高免疫力:洋参须富含人参皂苷等化合物,可以增强身体免疫系统的功能,提高抵抗力,预防疾病。
  • 补益气血:洋参须有益气血、滋阴润燥的作用,有助于调节体内阴阳平衡,提高体质。
  • 改善心脑血管健康:洋参须含有多种微量元素和维生素,对心血管和脑血管有保护作用,有助于降低血压、血脂,预防心脑血管疾病。
  • 增强精力:洋参须具有补充精力、提高体力的功效,有助于缓解疲劳,增强活力。



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