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友好 You How

【友好 You How】乌龙茶 Wulong Tea (100g)

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📌【友好 You How】乌龙茶 Wulong Tea (100g)

✅功效 Effects:
Wulong Tea has the functions of beauty, lowering blood fat, lowering cholesterol, helping digestion, refreshing, detoxification, convenience, anti-chemical activity, and eliminating reactive oxygen molecules in cells.

✅ 储存方式 Storage method:
干燥处 Dry place storage

✅ 如何预备 How to prepare:
1. 茶具用沸腾的开水冲洗加温后,放入适量的茶叶,再以沸水冲泡即可。
2. 放入适量的茶叶,可以个人的喜好连续冲泡数次。
3. 使用陶土制之茶具泡茶,其风味更佳。

✅ 备注 Remark:
Herbal soup pack's quality will fluctuate with factors such as climate change, production, transportation, warehouse, quality, inflation, etc. Thanks for your understanding.
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