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益母草 Kacangma (50g)

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益母草(学名:Leonurus artemisia)是一种薄荷科多年生草本植物。它通常在河边、路旁、田垄边等湿润处生长。益母草有清热解毒、止血功效,可以治疗月经不调、痛经、痛经血块多等症状。另外,它也有助于改善更年期综合征、抗感冒、降血压等作用。

About This Product

Kacangma or Leonurus artemisia is a perennial herb of the mint family. It usually grows in moist places such as river banks, roadsides and embankments. Kacangma has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, stopping bleeding, and can treat symptoms such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and more menstrual blood clots. In addition, it also helps to improve menopausal syndrome, colds, and lower blood pressure.

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