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友好 You How

【友好 You How】马蹄晶 Water Chestnut Beverage (500g)

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📌【友好 You How】马蹄晶 Water Chestnut Beverage (500g)

✅功效 Effects:
Water Chestnut has the functions of "clearing the body heart, nourishing the lungs and cooling the liver, digesting food and resolving phlegm". It can not only maintain daily health and nourish body fluids and moisten the lungs, but is also suitable for food therapy for babies who have fever, cough with lung heat, and thick phlegm that is difficult to cough.

✅ 储存方式 Storage method:
干燥处 Dry place storage

✅ 如何预备 How to prepare:
1. 放入一小包(20克),再以200毫升开水冲泡即可。
2. 可加入冰和其它饮料搭配。

✅ 备注 Remark:
Herbal soup pack's quality will fluctuate with factors such as climate change, production, transportation, warehouse, quality, inflation, etc. Thanks for your understanding.
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