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友好 You How

【友好 You How】罗汉果精 Lo Han Guo Beverage (500g)

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📌【友好 You How】罗汉果精 Lo Han Guo Beverage (500g)

✅功效 Effects:
Clearing away body heat and detoxifying, moistening the lungs, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, moistening intestines, laxative and whitening effect.

✅ 储存方式 Storage method:
干燥处 Dry place storage

✅ 如何预备 How to prepare:
1. 放入一小包(20克),再以200毫升开水冲泡即可。
2. 可加入冰和其它饮料搭配。

✅ 备注 Remark:
Herbal soup pack's quality will fluctuate with factors such as climate change, production, transportation, warehouse, quality, inflation, etc. Thanks for your understanding.
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